Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tewinbury Revisited

My last visit to Tewinbury was very rewarding with plenty of action resulting in good shots of Siskin, Kingfisher, Green Sandpiper and Grey Wagtail, so I thought I would try my luck again. The water levels were still low with lots and lots of oozy mud but, unlike last time, the site was fairly deserted. This was particularly frustrating as the light was very good and going to waste. I say there was nothing, but of course there are always a few Moorhens creeping along the edge of the reeds so they became the subject of the day.

The adults are always a pleasure to photograph with their gaudy red and yellow bill setting off an otherwise sombre charcoal and brown body plumage.

The young birds are a totally different kettle of fish being a much paler grey and lacking the bright bill. They are so dull at times they I suspect that they are sometimes mistaken for the elusive Water Rail as they creep about just inside the reeds.

Still no sign of any Kingfishers or Grey Wagtails but then the shrill triple call of a Green Sandpiper, which circled the area in front of the hide and settled on the other side of the mud. A little later it was joined by a second bird. After a long wait one of the birds did work its way round to this side of the mud and allowed a couple of reasonable shots to be taken.

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