Thursday, 6 September 2012

Time to Sqeeze in a Visit to Titchwell

Having spent several enjoyable hours at Snettisham, we still had time to pop into Titchwell, a must at this time of year. We started by walking out along the path to the beach where, at this time of the year, many birds can be seen at close quarters. The most noticeable were a couple of Black-tailed Godwits in transitional plumage which were feeding quite close to the path. At one stage they decided to have a chase around, showing the distinctive white wing bar which separates Black-tails from Bar-tails.

Also seen from the path, although a little more distant, were three Little Stints feeding amongst a small group of Dunlin. They were mainly over-looked by the passing crowds but could be picked out by their smaller size, markings on the neck and shoulder but not on the belly, black legs and bill and the characteristic "braces" on the back. The third photo shows the braces quite well.

There were still a couple of Marsh Harriers around and one that ventured a little too close to the freshwater lagoon put up the flock of 15+ Spoonbills These wheeled around until the danger had gone and on one of their excursions close to the path did provide a reasonable shot of a trio.

Now onto my favorite spot at Titchwell, the Island Hide, which often provides really close-up opportunities and today was no exception. First up was a young Avocet which seemed oblivious to the array of scopes, binoculars and cameras that were trained on him or her.

But today's medal must go to the six or seven Ruff that were feeding right outside the hide, sometimes down to three metres.

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