Thursday, 26 July 2012

Spotted Flycatchers at Wallington

Based on information supplied by Mike Ilett and Dave McCarthy I headed off to Wallington to try my luck with the Spotted Flycatchers in the churchyard there. Like a number of other species, Spotted Flycatchers are now incredibly scarce towards the south of the country but seem to be faring better in the north.

I entered the churchyard and walked down the side and there in front of me were a couple of flycatchers flitting between the mature trees by the fence and the gravestones behind the church. I decided to position myself leaning against a black barn to break my outline and wait for the birds to forget that I was there. This was only partially successful, as one of the young birds was so curious that it came and sat on a branch just 6 feet away from my head. No good for photography as 6 feet is well below the minimum focus of my lens.

However, an hour and 200 shots later I did manage to get a collection in different positions and lighting.

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