Sunday, 24 June 2012

More Exciting Than Fishing

One of the joys of fishing is that you have to concentrate, have fast reactions and, best of all, never know what you are going to catch (I am obviously not talking about Carp fishing here). One of my objectives whilst on holiday in Norfolk was to photograph Little Terns in flight, which bears remarkable similarities to fishing. Concentration to get the approaching birds tee-ed up, fast reactions to get the fast-moving subject in the viewer and focussed and, at least while you are snapping away, not knowing whether you have caught any good action shots.

I set myself up next to the sea on Cley beach and waited for the first Little Tern to appear. The problem here is that you can wait for long periods of time with nothing happening and get distracted watching something else when three shoot past without the camera even being raised. However, after a bit of practice, I did get the hang of it, although I did have to take about 600 shots to salvage a few reasonable snaps.

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