Sunday, 10 June 2012

Goosander at Amwell

Goosanders are normally winter visitors to the Lea Valley with the main congregation being in the Nazeing/Cheshunt area. They are scarce visitors to Amwell, mostly flyovers, and any that land do not stay for long. I was therefore surprised to receive a phone call from Tony Pickford early on Thursday morning to say that a male Goosander was in front of the viewpoint.

I eventually made my way down there late morning by which time the bird had been for a fly and swim round the lake and was now hauled out on the spit in front of the White Hide. When I arrived at the hide the bird was asleep with its head tucked in, but fortunately a flock of Grey Lags disturbed it and to top it all the sun came out allowing a few decent shots to be taken.

The dull bill suggests that this is a 1st summer male.

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