Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Amwell Whitethroat

The mission today was to go to Amwell and try and photograph the Whitethroat that has taken up residence in front of the viewpoint. It does on occasions pose for photos but it's cooperation does rather depend on the number of visitors there.

When I arrived the viewpoint was quite busy and so I decided to walk up the lane to see if the Nightingale was going to show itself. On the way along the Lee Navigation towpath there was a lone Canada Goose which looked very tempting. Now don't get me wrong. When you first take delivery of your new camera I suspect that, invariably, the first subject is a Canada Goose as they are large, approachable and don't move fast. Hopefully, I have grown out of that phase, but today I was interested in another approach.....a portrait. What a poser!!

The rest of the walk up the lane was rather fruitless with no warblers, and the Nighingale wasn't even singing, let alone visible. However, back at the viewpoint the crowd had thinned and I was able to lean quietly on the rail waiting for the Whitethroat to show itself. It didn't take long but the challenge wasn't so much waiting for it to appear in the open but to get it in the right light.

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