Sunday, 27 May 2012

Alice Through the......Lens

I had gone to Rye Meads with the objective of photographing the drake Garganey that has been around the north end of the Lea Valley for the last couple of weeks. I had just settled into the Draper Hide when news came in that there were a couple of Foxes just outside. I rushed out and there on the bend in the path was a Fox staring at me.

There have been a pair of Foxes centred loosely on the Visitor Centre for some time now and often provide photo opportunites during the winter months. Now the vixen Alice is bringing up six cubs which are already fairly well grown. This is Alice with her coat looking a bit scruffy after the ordeal of being underground rearing her cubs.

Alice is used to people and is not at all bothered by their presence, whereas the cubs are a lot more nervous and will only stop for a momentary glance before scurrying off up the path after mum.

Having disappeared into the undergrowth for 10 minutes Alice reappeared and came walking at a fast pace down the path as if on a mission. She veered off to the right just seconds after this photo was taken, not because I was standing there, but because that was her shortcut. If you are in her way she will run straight past you.

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