Monday, 2 April 2012

Pipits and Wagtails

There had been both Water and Rock Pipits reported from Startops Reservoir near Tring so I made my way over there to chance my luck. Most of the action seemed to be in front of the hide which is set on the east side of the reservoir on the bank that runs between the Marsworth and Startops reservoirs. This was ideal as it meant that the light was behind me.

In the event the only Rock Pipit was on an island way out in the reservoir and there was no sign of the Water Pipit. There was, however, a constant stream of other pipits and wagtails to keep me busy. First up was a Pied Wagtail followed by a Meadow Pipit which quite obligingly fed right in front of the hide.

However, the stars of the day were a pair of Grey Wagtails which were quite showy. The male is the bird just starting to show his black bib. The Grey Wagtail is one of those birds where, no matter how many photos you have taken previously, you can never resist taking some more.

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